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Top > Holiday Traditions > 4th of July Traditions > 4th of July Baseball Game
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4th of July Baseball Game

Our neighborhood was brand new when I moved in 7 years ago and no one knew one another. But that soon changed when my neighbor Ron instituted the Spring Hill Subdivision 4th of July Baseball tournament. As the story goes, the first year wasn't a planned event, Ron just thought it was a beautiful day for a game of baseball so he recruited anyone who was working in their yard or would answer the door when he came by to join him at the park to either play or cheer on the rest of the neighborhood. The first year about 25 people showed up for the afternoon game. A great time was had by all and the tradition was born. The game now has become an all day event with an entire baseball tournament for adults as well as an assortment of games for the kids. There's a picnic potluck lunch and fireworks to end the evening. We've graduated to a rather planned event now that the game is officially in it's seventh year. We have an entire committee to plan the festivities. There are even trophies for the winning team. It's a great chance to meet new neighbors and catch up with old friends.

~Patsy B., St. Louis, MO

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