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Top > New Baby Traditions > A Baby Sprinkle
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A Baby Sprinkle

Everyone has heard of a Baby Shower, but what about a Baby Sprinkle? A Baby Sprinkle is a relatively new idea that came about to help celebrate the birth of baby #2, #3 or so on. My group of friends started holding "Baby Sprinkles" a few years back when my friend Jill had her second child. We wanted to do something special for her (because all new babies should be a joyous and celebrated occasion) and she already had all the big items from her first baby. We did some research and found that a Baby Sprinkle was the perfect idea. Simpler and often smaller than the original Shower, a Sprinkle is often more intimate... very close friends and family. The gifts tend to be new outfits, diapers, wipes, etc. and often some gifts for the older sibling to make them feel special. We keep the food, decorations to a minimum, but still make sure that the party makes the mom-to-be feel special.

~Jodi G., Rochester, MN

Tradition Comments

Jeri C. says:

My sister is due to have her second baby in March and I think this is perfect. I've never heard of a "Baby Sprinkle", but I think the idea is just what I was looking for and I think the decorating ideas will be so cute. I envision little umbrellas and raindrops. I can't wait to host the sprinkle. Thanks!

11/10/2008 09:45 PM
Anonymous says:

I think this is a ludicrous idea and just another way to bilk friends and relatives for gifts. It puts many people in awkard positions esp. in this economy. If you can afford to bring another child into the world you can afford a few outfits for it. It is enough already to buy engagement, wedding, birthdays, christenings etc.. now you have invented another gimick to support Hallmark cards in their effort to sell more stock. Please stop it already before the economy goes broke. Also, you are probably losing friends daily with this absurd constant gift giving. Remove this selfish event from existance.

07/23/2009 01:09 PM
cathy says:

I totally AGREE with Anonymous!!!! I just attended one of these so called SPRINKLEs and this is just another name for a SHOWER. If your 2nd or 3rd baby needs something, buy it yourself. It is an insult to expect friends and family to keep buying gifts for every occasion. Who in the world thought up this crazy event???

08/02/2009 12:56 PM
ANON. says:

To Anonymous and Cathy - Eff off, every baby deserves to be celebrated, regardless of which "number in line" it is. Especially if this baby is of a different gender, a new mom could ALWAYS use the extra help. YOU are the ones being selfish. The sprinkle idea is great.

08/14/2009 08:52 AM
Tina S. says:

Everyone is certainly welcome to their own opinion, but I like the idea. We had threw a Baby Sprinkle for my sister-in-law and we kept it simple and inexpensive for every one involved. Because she didn't want guests to feel like she was just in it for the gifts, we decided to ask guests to bring a book for the baby. It not only gave us a theme, but the gifts were generally inexpensive. It's easy to pick up a children's book for as little as a couple dollars. Our party was about celebrating the new baby-to-be and getting together to have some fun with friends!

08/26/2009 09:55 PM
Kindness Pays says:

I love the idea of celebrating life! What would be great is if some celebrations could be giftless. I think it would be just as fun to host a sprinkle with themed food/decorations and the "gift" can be the memory of good times spent with friends and family. Games can be played if wanted or even items given that will be donated to a pantry for those having babies and don't have the means to care for them.

11/24/2009 08:55 AM
nicole says:

I think that Anonymous and Cathy are being ridiculous and selfish! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my second. All babies should be celebrated! Not to mention it has been 6 years since my last baby and what things I did try to save (others I donated to friends over the years) were ruined when my garage flooded. Also, most of those things were probably recalled and are considered unsafe now as things often change when it comes to safety and babies. I WILL NOT feel badly for wanting to celebrate my babies life with family and friends and Cathy, if you did NOT agree with this then you should NOT have attended the event!

01/07/2010 05:29 PM
Amanda says:

What is this world coming to that we can't celebrate life? Do you mean to tell me that we are all too broke to celebrate a new blessing to the world? WOW. I think it is a great idea. It doesn't necessarily have to be new items. It could be gently used items. Also I love the idea of pre-made meals for the mom to freeze as a gift for a sprinkle. I have acquired all the perfect things for my kids of the years and have everything I need for the next baby. However I would LOVE! some gently used books we HAVEN'T read a million times, and some pre- made meals would be AWESOME too! Thanks for the idea! As for the two totally absurd posts- I think it's obvious that they don't have children and are complete narcissists.

02/24/2010 03:30 AM
Confused! says:

I'm torn...I agree with everyone here. I'm against it if it is not your first child and feel that people would think its just another way for gifts. BUT, I wanted to have something small at my house as in 10-20 people. Just a gathering for my sister-in-law. This would be her 4th child. But how do I do this without people feeling they have to bring something? I have no problem emailing/calling the people that I wanted to invite and tell them it is just to come over and celebrate that she is preggo but don't feel obligated to bring a gift. Is that bad? I was just going to get blue plates (finally a boy) and finger foods and champagne punch and just have the girls we're close with come for a bit.

03/06/2010 01:54 PM
Jen says:

I think the sprinkle is a great idea also. I dont have children yet, but my husband and I are planning to in the near future. In my family (with aunts/uncles/cousins) we total 36 people and whenever a new cousin (neice/nephew) was born we all went out and bought little outfits and odds and ends anyway! Its a celebration of LIFE. What if the parent has a boy or girl first, then several years later their 2nd child is of the opposite sex? They may appreciate the kind gesture of friends/family. Why not gather the everyone together to celebrate?? The original post was clear, a smaller, close friends/family only. These people are more than likely going to buy gifts anyway. Chill out!!

04/21/2010 08:58 AM
DMarie says:

"Cathy" and "Anonomous" sound like jealous, bitter women (or the same woman, maybe.) The birth of each and every child deserves to be celebrated. It is "ludicrous" to simply ignore the 2nd, 3rd or 4th baby because they weren't firstborn! I am a firm supporter of the "Baby Sprinkle." Nobody expects people to spend a million dollars. Haven't you heard?.. It is the thought that counts. The idea is to celebrate life! If you think it is so grossly inappropriate, don't attend. People will probably have more fun without your negativity anyway.

04/27/2010 04:28 PM
Ann says:

I think sprinkles are a great idea. I have thrown three of these and they have been very low key. The gifts were mainly diapers and about 15 people attended. It was also people that were going to buy a little something for the person anyway because they were close to them and excited about a new child. My thought is if your friends or family don't want to participate they do not have to. I actually had the Mother in law not attend because she thought it was inappropriate and that was fine with us. As far as in this economy is concerned and being able to afford to buy things. You can buy wipes for around $3 for name brand. One of my friends was pregnant with her 3rd child and her husband lost his job of 10 years. This caused a great hardship on them. The diapers and wipes that were given to them helped them stay afloat until he got a new job and was able to recover. So I think that is a harsh statement to say if you are having another child that you can just afford to buy everything. My main thought is that you can do what you want too. If you get invited and have issues do not attend.

05/18/2010 03:49 PM
Jo says:

I am torn too... at first when I read Anonymous and Cathy's comments I thought they were crazy. But as I read on I think everyone has a good point. I do feel there is too much that leaves you out of pocket for everyone else, and I also feel that parents should not expect friends to buy things that they need when expecting a baby. At my shower guests were only allowed to bring small gifts. I got everything else I needed. But I do think a party to celebrate a new little one and make a prego mom feel special is wonderful. I just don't think the expectation to these parties should be gifts.

05/30/2010 09:56 PM
Tracie says:

(not afraid to say my name) hey...I was thrown a "sprinkle" for my 2nd baby. I didn't THROW IT MYSELF. My friends got together and did it. They did it because they loved me and wanted to celebrate the new child. If you don't want to participate...don't go. nuff said.

07/30/2010 04:32 PM
Rebecca says:

I also am not throwing my Sprinkle myself, it is being hosted by an old friend of my mother. SHE wanted to do it, so I let her. What is wrong with CELEBRATING A NEW LIFE? Those people that have a problem with it, can stuff it, and JUST DONT GO! No one is twisting your arm to go. Stop complaining! Obviously you have NO HEART, and don't wish to celebrate a new baby.

08/06/2010 08:39 PM
Michelle says:

I am invited to my sister in laws baby sprinkle. I have already purchased a gift for the baby (was planning on giving it to her after she is born) I guess I can give it to her early for the sprinkle gift. The thing that bothers me most is that she registered for the sprinkle. This just makes everyone feel obligated to buy a gift. Is this the celebration of LIFE or another way to get gifts????

08/11/2010 06:54 PM
Grammie says:

I think the idea of a sprinkle for a 2nd baby is fantastic. My daughter is expecting her 2nd and I want to do something to celebrate that baby and this is perfect. She doesn't need all the big gift items since she received all of those first time around. But this is not about the gifts and for those of you opposed to this because you feel obligated to purchase a gift are looking at this all wrong, seriously if you are close enough to the mom to be to be invited to the sprinkle wouldn't you buy a little gift anyway. This baby is just as special to me as my grandson is and I don't ever want him or her to feel any differently. My whole reason for doing the sprinkle is to celebrate the baby!!!!

09/21/2010 01:52 PM
L L says:

wow. all the mixed comments on this topic. I am amazed. however I am going on my 4th child. This baby was totally unexpected and unplanned. My youngest will be 5yrs old when this one is born i had gotten rid of EVERYTHING after i had him. I gave it all to my sister in law for her baby and she inturn gave it all away from there. I spent my own money and bought almost all of the big items from yardsales this summer. (as i am due in december) however there's just so much more i cannot get in time before baby is born. (we also do not know the sex of this baby yet and im 7mo... it's hard to find neutral items). I think the sprinkle is a great idea for close friends and family who would like to help and or celebrate. but again everyone is entitled to their own opnion. is it really wrong to want to help though? or to want to celebrate? especially if this child is 5 years apart from the other 3? (or in any case if the child is at least 5 yrs apart from the rest considering all the recalls, and new safety items that continue to come out and be updated?)

10/01/2010 02:15 PM


10/05/2010 11:26 AM
TP says:

If you don't want to throw one or attend one then don't, but it's unnecessary to put others down if they choose differently...My thought on a sprinkle is that you invite those close family and friends who you know would want to do something anyway for the new baby, and also doing something like a book or a diaper sprinkle is another way to make it fun and more about celebrating rather than gifts. Jeesh, with all the bad in the world, why not celebrate??? If you're on a website like this and NOT interested in creative celebrating, then I'm not sure what you ARE on here for...

10/07/2010 02:21 PM
mytwocents says:

I think a 'sprinkle' or shower is great, Gives you a chance to visit friends and family because in these busy times we rarely get that chance. Celebrating each baby is 'Special'. Usually the cost of the party is way more than the gifts it is about family, friends and celebrating the newest member of the family:) If your against it just DON'T GO..I wouldn't want you there feeling like that anyway!!!!

10/19/2010 08:26 AM
cat says:

Showers/sprinkles don't have to be about gifts. You can do well wishes cards for the baby, memory statements and so on. Not to mention the way to stimulate the economy and keep jobs is to spend money.

02/10/2011 09:52 AM
rachel says:

i am truely amazed by some of these comments. i dont care if its my friend/family members 20th child, you celebrate it. the woman is bringing a life into this world. she should have a day to celebrated that whether its her first or 6th child.

02/24/2011 04:14 PM
Dee says:

i am pregnant with my oops baby, he/she will be 11 months apart from my first born. i think i am entitled to a baby shower or sprinkle for this one as well. i think its rude that my first born can look back at baby shower pictures from when he was in my belly and be excited to see how supportive everyone was, while my second born gets the shaft? just because its a second born? everyone knows i dont need anything big, and on the invitation i am going to push for diapers and needed things instead of wants...when u get to be older u dont get a birthday party every year, or a celebrations very often (especially happy ones because we begin to dread our birthdays) so i think that it is time for mom and baby to shine even if this is her 6th kid!!! obviously i dont need much, but i still want to have fun and gather with friends and family! ESPECIALLY if baby #2 is the OPPOSITE GENDER!!!

02/25/2011 03:47 PM
Julie says:

I am invited to a "Baby Sprinkle" being hosted by the mom-to-be. Further, she's having her second baby girl, and she has a registry - with "big-ticket" items! I think it's expecting waaaay to much from the 40+ people who were invited. I think this party is beyond ridiculous.

03/28/2011 11:19 PM
here comes #4 says:

I am pregnant with my 4th but this is my husband's 1st child. He is very excited for his first baby. I have already had my shower & I explained why a shower is not an option for my family & friends. We do not speak to his family, who all live across the country. A sprinkle is a good way for him to get the excitement over his first born that he deserves. And I agree, every life deserves to be celebrated, not just the first born. We are inviting 12 of my closest friends & family & having pizza & cake.

04/06/2011 08:57 AM
gail says:

A second, third or whatever number child can and should be celebrated. What does that have to do with having a "sprinkle"? I have 2 children born 4 yrs apart and are different genders. I had all the important stuff from my first child and my family and close friends all gave gifts after the 2nd baby was born.. willingly and lovingly, without a sprinkle and registry! It seems that this generation is just greedy! If a couple cant afford to give a second child all that it needs then they shouldn't have a 2nd child! I have one word for the "sprinkle" TACKY!

06/04/2011 07:00 AM
Suzy says:

I think a baby sprinkle is an adorable idea! I am expecting my 2nd baby and my 1st will be 21 months. We have most of what we need but I did not buy gender neutral items the 1st time around. But I in no way expect people to buy me big items like a car seat, or crib. There are little things every baby needs and most moms have friends and family who are going to purchase things anyway, so a sprinkle is just a time to gather and celebrate a a new life being welcomed into the world. To the people who are so offended by this idea, don't have one or if you're you're invited DON'T GO. simple as that. If you're a scrooge who can't spend $10 on an outfit or some diapers then you don't need to be there. For goodness sake.

09/25/2011 10:15 AM
Maria says:

I agree with anonymous... it has nothing to do with celebrating the baby. It has to do with giving stuff to the parents. I just got invited to one. I never, ever heard of it and thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever. It's one thing for close friends and family to buy a gift when the baby is born but inviting them to a party which is designed for that is rude. I'm sorry... I'm single, no kids and bought a house three years ago... I didn't get a d**n thing from anyone! Why should married and pregnant folks keep getting all these gifts?? You're having a kid... buy your own d**n blankets!

09/28/2011 05:27 PM
Maria says:

I agree with Gail, whose comment I read after I just posted. That's exactly my point. I would be getting her a gift anyway, when the baby is born... but this whole idea of throwing a 'sprinkle' is ludicrous and greedy.

09/28/2011 05:29 PM
Just My 2 Cents says:

Great concept and an even better name. All who disagree, I'm glad you're not friends of mine. This is no different from any other celebration where guests TYPICALLY bring gifts (i.e. birthdays, weddings, house warmings, etc.) Bring a gift and in return there will TYPICALLY be food, laughter, fun and memories to cheerish. It's pretty unbelivable that people would rather be selfish, cheap and stuck in their ways than to be able to have a good time and share in the joy of a new baby.

09/30/2011 02:57 AM
Just My 2 Cents says:


09/30/2011 03:13 AM
Rachel says:

I think the idea of having a "sprinkle" is a wonderful idea. I'm expecting my fifth child and my family has thrown a shower/sprinkle for me for each of the babies. It's not about gifts or spending money. It's a celebration of a new life and to feel the love and support from family and friends is just what every pregnant woman needs! It's just fun! And it's nice to have pics for each of the kids baby books and not just the firstborn. I think it is ridiculous that this is even an issue.

10/23/2011 05:30 PM
Anonymous says:

I don't have a problem in going to a sprinkle as long as it's just clothing blankets onsies bibs ect. small items. I have 2 sister in-laws that their sprinkle was all big items because 2 1/2 years later they are having another child and it's the opposite sex then the first and they didnt want the gear to be all pink or blue. They knew they were having more babies in such a short time they should of got neutral. What ever happened to when baby is born everyone comes and sees baby and they have gift for them? Then they still expect a gift when child is born.You can still celebrate life with the mom to be by taking her out for dinner or lunch with a few family and friends no gifts invoved just enjoy time and toast to thre new little one on it's way.Sprinkle is small drops shower is big drops.

11/22/2011 06:56 PM
Lisa says:

My sister is expecting her second baby boy in January and her oldest is 2 1/2 years old. I decided to have a small sprinkle at my house to give her a double stroller that she can use for both children since the oldest is still to little (and distracted) to walk next to mom when she is on a mission. I worried that the guests (the sisters, one close friend, and one cousin and 2 aunts) would feel offended by having to bring a gift. So I gave the option of pitching in on my gift, or bringing something they felt was appropriate, or bringing food for the party. Hope they, being family, would speak up if they felt uncomfortable with this...

12/07/2011 12:23 PM
Triple L says:

I'm not ok with having a full blown shower for a second baby BUT I think the whole idea of the sprinkle is to invite IMMEDIATE FAMILY AND CLOSEST FRIENDS. This isn't for great aunts and co-workers. I know that we are having one for my sister-in-law. They have a girl and are now having a boy. We're asking for diapers and wipes and like I said it's immediate family and we don't mind helping out.

01/06/2012 12:02 PM
Suzette says:

Why would anyone at any time condone a celebration to welcome a new child into the world. I personally, don't care HOW MANY babies someone has, I will attend each and every shower, sprinkle, or downpour they have! Of course they won't need the same items for each child, ... but there is ALWAYS something the parents could use, and how awful would it be in years to come when there are no photos or memories of the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th childs pending birth???? It has nothing to do with money, or the economy, ... if that's the way you think, ... then I feel sorry for you. Gifts can be as simple as some baby bath and shampoo, ... it IS the thought that counts! Bring on the sprinkles! :)

01/15/2012 10:26 PM
Sarah says:

I am 8 months pregnant with my 4th child and my youngest is 5. When we got pregnant we were financial set and I was planning on quitting my job and being a stay at home mom for a while. About 2 months ago my husband lost his job of 4 years and has returned to school and working..but the income is not nearly what it used to be and we used up our savings nest to keep up with bills/food/etc. Therefore, I have to take off 6 weeks for maternity leave and return to working full-time. My mother-in-law decided to throw me a shower (sprinkle) and I am very grateful. We have all of the big ticket items we bought early in the pregnancy but are still missing many necessities since we gave them to expecting friends/family years ago. Some people may think this is selfish but I am very thankful to have friends and family who would do something like this for our family in this time of need. I would think about every situation before you judge.

01/20/2012 02:54 PM
1st time mom says:

You need any help u can get when ur a mom. Even if uve had more than one kid. If u don't like the idea don't go and if u do help a momma out and give a card that says you'll babysit one day. Moms don't expect much any anything helps! no matter what number baby ur on it still cost 24,000 plus to have a baby!

01/27/2012 11:01 PM
Good for the soul :) says:

I have been watching my daughter go through her second pregnancy and it has been a very difficult one. She has had morning sickness for seven months, her hips dislocate all the time, she gets "stuck" and literally cannot move. She has struggled with preeclampsia as well. All this while finishing her last year of college and doing her student teaching. Someone told me about this sprinkle idea, so I thought I would do some research. Yes, this is her second baby, but I think a "sprinkle" might be a great way to celebrate the new baby and also might be just the right medicine to boost her spirits - close family and friends for an hour or two just to celebrate! Presents would be optional. I like it, and I AM from the "old school!" If I decide to have one, my intentions would not be just to "get presents". Sometimes getting together with family and close friends is just "good for the soul", especially when you have been through a difficult pregnancy! If there are people who don't like the idea, they don't need to attend. I would totally respect their opinion and would hope they would respect mine :)

01/28/2012 03:38 PM
Alicia says:

To Anonymous: You clearly are a lonely bitter woman! No One said that you have to buy a $100 gift! Just get something small. And if you are so cheap and dont want to go to your friends/family weddings, engagements, baby showers etc.. then decline when you get the invitation! Sprinkles are usually thrown buy loved ones, not the mother to be. Most mothers to be dont expect to have a sprinkle for their second child. Get over yourself!!

02/08/2012 06:32 PM
Deanna says:

I am hosting a "sprinkle" for my girlfriend who had her first baby, a girl, 7 years ago. After several miscarriages, lots of tears and worries, she's expecting a boy. I offered to host the sprinkle mainly to celebrate what is really a joyous occasion for them, and also to fill in items that they didn't have the first time around - - i.e. bpa-free baby bottles, "boy" clothes, etc. I'm keeping it low key, inviting only close friends and g-mas, and serving a light brunch. If you don't agree with a sprinkle, don't go -- or bring the gift you would have given after the baby was born. After I had mine, I was too exhausted and had post-partum to feel like inviting people over and open gifts. Sometimes, too, it's just nice to go to a party! As a guest, it's no different then bringing a bottle of wine, a 6-pack of beer, or flowers for the hostess.

02/17/2012 03:06 PM
penny says:

Its so sad that someone cant understand that the cost of have you (Anonymous and cathy) at that shower or Sprinkle is way more than buying it your self. Its about having people you love and care about helping celebrate the birth of a wonderful new life. I feel sad for your friends, (you really are not their friend). Im going to give my Daughter a Sprinkle for her 5th baby. she has nothing, was done, all baby stuff gone, no hand outs needed, just want to share in this joyous event of our family. our other daughter will be having her 1st baby and will have a baby shower. Just as special.All Babys need to be CELABRATED

02/19/2012 03:52 PM
Susan says:

Annoyed by all the negative people.... Seriously, if you are truly that offended, DONT GO! I think this is a wonderful idea to celebrate the baby and the mom. I'm going to be throwing my sister one because I love her and she's a great mom who missed out on practically all the celebrations everyone else has had. It amazes me how selfish people can be.... Life is about celebration! Why else are we here? It would honestly cost you $20 to get a cute basket and fill it with a new things and would make her day so special. Is it that freaking difficult?

02/28/2012 03:22 PM
godma says:

WHY ARE PEOPLE SO BITTER IN THEIR LIVES?!? i am single, no children, and have limited income. my good friend is pregnant with her second (girl, after boy) and YES, I AM THROWING HER A SHOWER/"SPRINKLE". it's a surprise; she didn't want one and had no problem "buying her own d*mn blankets". it will be the happy couple and just close friends/family at my house, and if guests choose to buy gifts, that's entirely up to them. the plan is: show up to love and celebrate the growing family. that's it! as far as i can see, people seem to keep having birthdays (and therefore birthday parties) every year and no one begrudges that celebration so... TO THE LADIES WHO OBJECT: JUST DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND KEEP YOUR MISERABLE SELVES AT HOME!!! the point is to share in the mother-to-be's joy. if you can't just sit quietly and do that, then you don't have anything worthwhile to add. like any other life event, NO ONE IS ASKING YOU TO GO INTO YOUR POCKET IF YOU CAN'T OR DON'T WANT TO.

02/29/2012 10:33 PM
Becki says:

I am 7 months pregnant with my 2nd child. My son will be 4 years old when this baby girl will come into this world. I gave all my "BIG TICKET" items to people that needed them after I used them, my husband and I thought one was all we was going to have, but the Good LORD had another plan. Any ways, we have gone out and bought all the "BIG TICKET" items.My Friends, Co-workers, & family are throwing me a "BABY SPRINKLE". I had never heard of it and did not ASK for it, they are doing it all on there own. I am SUPER excited just to be able to hang out with my Lady friends! We always get each other things when we have a baby or a 2nd or 3rd baby, or when they get married for the 1st time or the 3rd time. Its just what FRIENDS & FAMILY do for each other. How sad that people want to JUDGE people for this.

03/02/2012 08:30 AM
Erika says:

These negative comments are amusing. I am in the process of planning a baby Sprinkle for my sister who is having her second child. I couldn’t imagine things any other way. The sole purpose of this event is to celebrate the new life that we are soon to be graced with, NOT to collect gifts from our friends and family; whether they can afford it or not. What a negative, disgusting way to view this. For those of you who are bitter and can't appreciate the idea of a celebration for a great reason, send in your regrets, ladies!! We‘re probably better off without your company anyway ;-) I am a 25 year old, engaged, career-oriented woman and I have no qualms at all with these types of events. I definitely do not feel as though they are a burden to me or my financial situation...and no, I am not a millionaire. I really enjoy being a part of these joyous occasions for those around me; whether it's a house warming, a baby shower, a wedding, a bachelorette party, or a SPRINKLE. Just to point out, we specifically asked guests not to bring gifts and that if they absolutely felt compelled, it should be very minimal. Again, this is my sisters 2nd child so she already owns all of the "big stuff." I agree with Becki and the other ladies that are for the Sprinkle idea; this kind of thing is what friends and family do for each other because they want to! We think the idea is so much fun and can't wait to celebrate with our loved ones!

03/02/2012 03:24 PM
Tammi says:

One doesn't need to hold a party, be it sprinkle or shower, to "celebrate" the birth of a 2nd, 3rd, 4th child. Anyone is welcome to give gifts without throwing a party. I had 2 showers thrown for my son and none for my daughter, and she was no less loved than he. I'd rather people donate their help and support than buy things for the second like clothes and diapers that I can purchase myself. I totally agree with a shower/sprinkle for children farther apart, but I don't think it's necessary for every kid. If the Duggars had a sprinkle for every kid they had, their family and friends would seriously go broke.

03/10/2012 05:25 PM
Travelbug79 says:

To sprinkle or not to sprinkle? That is the question. I completely agree with Tammi! Every child is loved regardless of whether a party was thrown or not. At the end of the day, anyone that wants to celebrate the birth of your child is likely to go out of their way for you whether there is a shower, sprinkle or not. They will visit you at the hospital or soon after you return home. They may bring you dinners. Most will bring gifts when they visit. There is no obligation or expectation, just love for that new little life. I think it should be left at that. Let people decide how they want to celebrate your baby rather than obligating them.

03/29/2012 10:56 PM
Samantha says:

I think it's tacky

04/09/2012 05:22 PM
Lee says:

I get the sprinkle but when you are not marred and the first one had a big baby shower 3 years ago and now hear comes another one. She would like to have a sprinkel, call me nut's but if this girl was mine she and her baby daddy would be moving out so the hole family(of 4 ) not have to pay again. She needs to spenkel her self out of her mother house and get a job.

05/05/2012 04:56 PM
Kara says:

Usually sprinkles are attended by people who are going to get the new baby a present anyway. We are thowing my best friend one in a few weeks. She has 2 girls and this is her first boy. The point of a sprinkle is all about love and support; not expensive gifts. I think as long as they are kept small and the guest list is people who are close to the mother to be, it's fine.

06/02/2012 07:45 PM
Angie says:

I think it is absurd. I keep reading all about the celebration of life, that baby's life will be celebrated every birthday, and every Christmas. Why not spend the money and energy on a family reunion and get to know the vast and varied lives in your rich family history. That is a much more powerful gift to your precious children than baby wipes, a new outfit or diapers.

06/18/2012 11:40 AM
Megan says:

1. How does one improve the economy by NOT buying things? Hmm? 2. My friend had a family blessing party where the focus was on the family as a whole (guys included). Everyone received a candle to lit during the delivery.

06/21/2012 10:36 PM
Anonymous says:

If the parents, or friends of the parents, want to hold a celebration for the new baby - good on them. Just because you are invited, it does not mean you have to attend. And also, if you do not want to buy a gift, then don't! No one ever said you had to. Not everyone celebrates every occasion, this is just an idea for people who do want to celebrate. And, not everyone is doing it tough financially either.

07/10/2012 11:30 PM
Anonymous says:

Also, let's be totally honest here, the celebration is NOT for the baby, it's for the mother. And if she wants to throw a party because she's excited - good on her! I doubt the people that don't agree with it would be invited anyway.

07/10/2012 11:32 PM
Grandma says:

My babies were 5 years apart. I had a small shower after the 1st one was born (family and friends). When the second one was due I bought things myself and my mother helped with that.My sister-in-laws, sisters,friends and myself never would have thought to ask for gifts for a second or more child. Celebrations were after the baby was born - like a christening or baby-naming. But, many people generously brought by a little something for the baby if they came to visit and meet the new member of the family. I think having a planned "event" like this before the baby comes is asking for gifts, whether you think so or not and it puts a lot of people in an uncomfortable position.If it's to celebrate the mother, then come by after the baby is born, bring a gift and be prepared to help clean the house, that would mean a lot more than buying stuff.

07/19/2012 03:05 PM
Debbie says:

I am pregnant with #2 and some friends are throwing me a sprinkle to celebrate my new baby along with 3 other babies-to-be among our friends. This is a surprise (they TOLD us they were doing it - we never asked!) and there will be no gifts. Just a chance to all celebrate together and eat some good food. All of us (even the moms-to-be) will bring some food to the event. I thought this was so thoughtful of them and cannot wait to celebrate!

08/08/2012 01:52 PM
LuvBeingAGrandma says:

I think the idea is just grand. My daughter in Law suggested this to me yesterday as we found out that my daughter is expecting her fourth. I only wish I had known about it sooner, so I could have done this for my generous and loving daughter in law as well when she was expecting her third earlier this year!

08/22/2012 07:00 PM
Amber says:

Im pregnant with my 2nd child. I didnt want anything but my friends told me bout this. I wasnt sold on the idea till my family and my husbands family kepts asking if we are doing anything. This is our 1st child together. I have everything from my 2nd but I agree that every child should be celebrated. They are all precious gifts from God. We told them they can bring a gift if they wanted to or jus come see the baby. We are doing it after the baby is born.

10/11/2012 09:30 AM
Tammy says:

I think it is a great idea. I'm pregnant with my second baby. I don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet, I already have a boy. I am planning to have a Baby Sprinkle, however I am not asking for any gifts or gift cards. I already have everything I need, and I do think that it would be a little awkward to ask for gifts. It's just something small for family and closest friends. Just to celebrate a new life.

10/29/2012 01:55 PM
patience kaloobhai says:

i like the idea of a sprinkle shower. i am planning on having a second baby and since i dnt want to have as many people as i did at my first i want as mall. number. but i want to know...what number really suits best to call a shower a sprinkle? 5? 10? 15?

12/12/2012 03:37 PM
Amanda says:

I am currently pregnant with my second child. My 1st son is 8 years old. I have nothing from when he was a baby. That was 8 years ago, I would be insane to keep that stuff. If you don't agree then don't go. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. And I am sure your pregnant friend would understand if you couldn't afford to buy a gift. I love the book idea! =)

12/17/2012 02:02 PM
Jill says:

To the 2 women that say its stupid and another hallmark can go screw yourselves!!! I am having my 2nd baby in april and i wasn't planning anything. But, my girlfriend asked if she could throw me a sprinkle party. I was going to have like an open house after the baby is born so all our close friends and family can meet the newest member of our family, but my mom said it wouldn't be good incase someone might be sick. Ok, so i agee with her, but after having my son 3 years ago i really haven't had time to hang out with any of my girlfriends. When my girlfriend suggested a sprinkle party i thought this was a great idea to get together with my friends. I don't expect any of them to bring anything, just themselves and a good humor! Yes, i did start a gift registry at target but not for anyone to really use. Target says that anything left on the registry after the baby is born, you get for 15% off! So, im going to take advantage of that deal! Plus, i have saved all my son's clothes and baby #2 is a boy too, but im due in april and my 1st was born in july. So, the clothes will be a little too cold for him. So, i need to stock up on the blankets and full outfits. My girlfriends know me and my family and they know i don't want anything, just a healthy baby boy! So, i won't stop my girlfriend from throwing me a sprinkle party. Plus, to those stuck up bit**es, they don't make hallmark cards for this type of party, trust me i looked just to prove you wrong!!! Happy sprinkle party to everyone who is having a baby, whether it be baby #2 or #6! We all need the good luck and prayers! ;-)

12/27/2012 10:12 AM
Billie says:

if you want to have a sprinkle party, have one. if you think it's ridiculous don't go! period! don't feel obligated to buy anything, that's your own problem. if you aren't a "generous" type to begin with then, hopefully your kids will experience people like you when the have kids!

01/10/2013 03:55 PM
Ks says:

I think people should look at what is going on around them and stop spending money or expecting other people to spend money they don't have.

01/17/2013 06:56 PM
Sandrae says:

I like the idea of a "shelter shower" that I read about in an online article as a way to celebrate baby #2 and subsequent babies. Guests bring gently-used or new baby items that are donated to a local shelter. That's a great way to celebrate life too. Grandmas and other close family members can give their personal gifts privately at another time.

01/26/2013 11:31 PM
babyCrazy says:

I don't think Sprinkles are necessary at all. I didn't have one for my second child. I am a second child and don't suffer from "second child syndrome," even though I got a lot of hand me downs, from clothes to toys. It sounds like a "cute" idea, but it does put people in awkward positions. I was just invited to one and I personnally can't afford to get anything at the moment. Trying to provide for my own is difficult enough.

02/18/2013 04:47 PM
Natalee says:

I am 16 wks with my 2nd & my sister in law recently asked me if I was having a shower. I was torn because I'd love the fun that comes from a shower but without the gift obligation. A sprinkle is perfect & she suggested it because I do not want it to be a present grab - it can be as simple as putting on the invitation your presence is presents enough which we did for our sons baptism soon after he was born - its not about the gifts it's about having fun with your close friends & family & celebrating a new baby being born - I can afford all I need for my children but an excuse to have a party with ur nearest & dearest is excuse enough for me

03/19/2013 11:46 PM
Maureen says:

When I first heard about a Sprinkle I thought it was riduculous and just another way to expect people to bring gifts. After reading all the comments,i can see where it may be appropriate when there is a large number of years between babies, or the Mom to be has had a really rough pregnancy. I have personally heard of them where it is NOT just close family and friends. If it is just those closest to the family, they will buy a gift and visit after the birth. In my family that is what Baptism celebrations are about; celebrating a new life. So maybe this is what the "younger generation" does since many of them do not attend Church or baptize their children.

03/23/2013 10:20 AM
jen says:

If this is in the spirit of celebration, and intended to be motivated by the joy of this new life (be it 9 months ago, or 10+ years apart from your last child), isn't being in a store's registry a little over the top?

05/29/2013 07:21 AM
Lindsay says:

very well said Nicole....if your TOO CHEAP to buy a new baby a small gift, then dont go to the event....I dont believe your being forced. Every child deserves a celebration for them. I wouldnt even care if someone showed up with no gift and just to come celebrate. That is why you invite close friends and family, because there are people like Anonymous and Cathy that are clearly "those" people that you feel like you "have" to invite and bitch about everything in life. HA

06/20/2013 01:54 PM
soon-to-be mom says:

frankly, i agree with anonymous and cathy and others who disagree with this idea. i'm pregnant with my first child and, while excited for a shower my friends have offered to throw, feel the same slightly nervous feeling as i did for my bridal showers- i don't want anyone to feel any obligation to have to spend something they might not have, even though i am immensely appreciative of anyone who thinks of us in any way. this is why i cannot imagine something like this being done for second and subsequent children. sorry, but this is just another gift-giving excuse, probably thought up by the big box baby stores, as it's clearly a new idea. to those complaining about "why do you not want to celebrate every life?" it's called if people want to give a gift AFTER a baby is born, please feel free, but this notion of being invited to an event here there is that expectation, no. parents should hopefully have those big ticket items left (this is why gender-neutral items are the way to go). i've recently seen a full blown registry for someone for their second child. that's just wrong and makes you look greedy. and i call BS on those saying "no one will mind if you show up giftless, it's about the celebration." HAH, yeah, right, like everyone won't be talking about that person once they leave.

06/29/2013 06:32 PM
Georgiapeach says:

I'm expecting my 5th this year. All our babies were "surprises", so all our gear is neutral, but after 4 kids it's WORN OUT. Much of it was second hand when we got it. I am uncomfortable coming across as tacky or selfish, but our families tend to buy us all CLOTHING when a new baby arrives, and we have so much clothing I can't find room for it. I started an online registry (of about 6-10 items) that I sent only to our parents, so that if anyone asks if we need anything they'll have a ready list of gift ideas. I have mixed feelings about it, but I would so much rather our families spend on things we need/want than on more clothing, which I often end up donating. Meanwhile my sister is also pregnant, and I think that throwing a Sprinkle for SOMEONE ELSE is adorable. Why not? I might suggest that gifts be brought for our local crisis pregnancy center, and make it just a time to celebrate the bump and hang out together.

09/14/2013 10:33 PM
Mary says:

Seriously??? I think that the idea of a Sprinkle is a great idea! It's a SMALL gift people, not a $200 stroller. If you are too cheap to purchase a small item for the new baby then don't go. Simple as that. Instead you want to come on here and b*tch about it. Every child should be celebrated. What is wrong with people these days?? They are so wrapped up in THEMSELVES to give a damn about anyone else. I can't help but feel sorry for you all as you must have pathetic lives to want to deny an innocent child a small gift. Hmmmm...seems to me that YOU are the one who is greedy ("all for me, all for me!"). Sad, very sad.

10/12/2013 11:27 AM
Jeanette says:

My daughter is having her 3rd child in just over 4 years. She and her husband do not need anything (maybe diapers : ) ) but I AM EXCITED and want to do something nice. I will only invite those closest family and friends that feel as I do. The Invitation will read, Little babies are so much fun, ---- are having another one. Big brother and sister have plenty to share, this is only a sprinkle to show that we care. Of coarse there will be NO REGISTRY, that would definitely defeat the purpose of this get together. If the naming of the get together is what bothers some then just call it a gathering or whatever sounds good to you.

02/20/2014 10:26 AM
Kyle says:

Another ridiculous party for silly women. Get a job and buy your own crap.

02/24/2014 06:40 PM
Lauren says:

I think it's selfish. And anyone claiming to say "it's to celebrate the baby's life and arrival" are using that as an excuse to get gifts unless the invitation says "no gifts!"

03/24/2014 02:38 PM
Billythecat says:

The baby should be gift enough, no? Why should pregnant people be celebrated by others every time they get pregnant? The expectant parent can celebrate themselves, it's what they wanted.. To have a baby.. I don't get it. They chose to have a baby..... So whys it up to other ppl to celebrate that for them?!

03/24/2014 03:34 PM
michele g says:

My SIL is pregnant with her 4th child and her sister (my other SIL) is throwing her a sprinkle. It's a surprise sprinkle and my other SIL went so far as to register for the one that is pregnant with her fourth. I have a problem with the fact that when I had my second child (a boy, 20 months after my daughter was born) the same sister in law did not even give me a gift when the baby was born. I would, of course, get a gift for the baby when it is born because it is a new life and absolutely worth celebrating I just don't think it is appropriate that she registered for big ticket items and really anything in particular at all. It isn't financially feasible for me to spend that much money when I have already bought birthday presents for her other children, gone to their christenings, holy communions and bought her a new baby gift when she had her third son 3 years ago. I have my own children who are 3 & 2 and I am buying them clothes and toys at consignment sales. We have 8 nieces and nephews that we buy for throughout the year and again at Christmas and I truly believe it is outrageous to be asking your close family to keep forking out money they just don't have. No one gave me a "sprinkle" for my second and I went out and bought double strollers, another crib because they were so close in age, diapers, wipes, clothes for my son since my first was a girl, and anything else we needed. This was a completely planned 4th pregnancy and I truly am happy for her but when you can't afford to give anymore, you just can't. I don't understand how making the appropriate financial decisions for MY family can be construed as selfish.

04/07/2014 03:08 PM
Dawn says:

I had no intention, as it's not my place to encourage it anyway, of having a shower of any sort for my second. I was approached by two friends who wanted to this for me since I am having my first boy and last child. I have been struggling with a guest list and realized that in the four years since my daughter was born, I'm in a new place in my life and have a different social circle. I'm limited my list to under 10 people and only those who would have likely give a gift with or without a shower. It's a good opportunity to see your friends and celebrate a new life. I admit, these people who expect big items are greedy. Those simple and thoughtful gifts make a difference and I would do the same for any of my friends (and have!) with or without a shower.

04/09/2014 01:07 PM
Annoyed says:

I can't stand the tacky American tradition of gift registries and hand-out parties - the stream of them is now endless. "Sprinkle parties" are the last thing we need. By all means, enjoy life and celebrate its special moments - but stop asking people to buy free sh-t for you all the time!

05/02/2014 10:18 PM
Mary says:

I'm blessed that the people who are leaving nasty comments are not my friends and family. We are all supportive of each other and would celebrate the birth of any child. I am pregnant with my third child and my husband and I are throwing ourselves a "Sprinkle". And this is after my sister-in-law offered to throw us one. Yes, it is a good "excuse" to get together with your loved ones to celebrate. And for those who feel that strongly against it, I want to rub in the fact that it will be a couple's party with alcohol!

05/08/2014 08:54 PM
baby number 5 says:

My husband and I are throwing our own party. Not for the gifts but to announce the baby's gender and to tell everyone three name to be. No one but my husband and I know the gender. So the party is just for the revealing of the gender and the name. Many of our family members have already tried to buy us things even thou we've asked for nothing. Those that keep insisting to purchase gifts we've asked them to only purchase diapers and wipes. I attended a mother to be class for the fun of it this time (because I wanted to teach the class in the spring) so for the completion of the course I received a car seat, cloths, diapers, blankets and many other items. We just want to share with everyone and enjoy our growing family. Location provided by church. Food supplied by us. Gifts not required. Laughter encouraged. Prayers need daily. Please be peaceful and think about everything in a practical way. Don't ask for what you don't need and no one will feel pressured to give you anything.

08/13/2014 02:12 PM
another mom says:

As a mommy, I think I giftless sprinkle is a grand idea. Have a brunch and celebrate with your friends and family. It's a happy and wonderful occasion. I do agree that receiving gifts for every child is excessive, and I also know that it is not my friends' and family's responsibility to repeatedly stock my house with baby stuff. I feel asking for gifts a second or third time is too much.

09/13/2014 02:21 AM
B. says:

I've chosen to be childfree. For many reasons. One of them being that in a time where our resources are being used up and the world is becoming more materialistic, I don't feel like need to add to it. I could probably spend EVERY weekend going to someone's engagment party, bachelorette, bridal shower, wedding, gender reveal regular shower, child birthday, sprinkle, etc. It's never ending, especially when you're a woman. And SO costly- especially as someone never on the receiving end. If a small group of women want to do this I understand, but I think it needs to be respected and understood if someone does not attend.

11/20/2014 12:57 PM
B says:

In response to: GRAMMIE ALSO says: MY DAUGHTER HAD A BABY LAST YEAR AND I GAVE HER A BIG BABYSHOWER IN A CLUB HOUSE. WELL 7MOS LATER SHE WAS KNOCK UP AGAIN WITH THE SAME SEX SO I DECIDED TO GIVE HER A SPRINKLE Thank Goodness your daughter broke the cycle of uneducated women and lack of basic manners in the family chain.How do you think your daughter would feel reading your comments?? Knock assuming you meant knocked up??? Please do not instill that perspective in your grand children.

12/19/2014 09:23 PM
Anonymous says:

I just got invited to a sprinkle and it has registry information on it. No offense but her other kid isn't even 2 yet and she still has all the stuff from her first shower! Not to mention her nephews are twins and they have MORE than enough stuff that they are willingly passing down to her. I think it is beyond tacky to ask people for more gifts after you just had a baby 22 months ago. I wouldn't have minded going so much if she didn't put registry information on it. Another friend had a sip and see which was way more fun. It was just a little gathering once the baby was born to have some appetizers and drinks and see the baby.

03/12/2015 07:22 PM
anon says:

Every baby that is born is special! It's not that you don't want to celebrate the babies birth or arn't extremely happy for the family. Not everyone can afford to keep giving gifts as the others have said from birth to college and beyond. I always buy a gift for the newborn anyway. A "sprinkle shower" is just another way to force people who wouldn't give to give another gift. If someone wants to give a gift they will. If not, no loss and no hard feelings. It the child is further down the line and mom has given all her stuff away, by all means help her out with a shower but not for those who truly don't need it. Keep your giving personal and give something on your own without the pretense of another shower. If the mother wants to invite friends and family over to see the baby and get together do so, not with the expectation of gifts.

05/05/2015 08:45 AM
linda m says:

Itoo think this is tacky! In todays economy everyone is struggling. CelebrationS are wonderful, but after a while , how many and where does it stop! Most people "WELCOME" a new baby by sending something for the new born! but party after party gets to be a bit much! Take the high road and leave it to family and friends discretion in welcoming and celebrating! the new baby! It won't make you appear "needy or "greedy"!

05/06/2015 08:10 PM
Jo says:

I am pregnant with my second (and last) baby. My first was a boy and this is a girl. We live in Virginia and our whole family is in Oregon and Washington State. My sister is throwing us a sprinkle (only midway through the pregnancy) because we won't be there when the baby is born and none of them will get to meet the baby. The invitations say specifically "Gifts are not necessary, but little girl clothes are welcome". They did it this way specifically because we don't NEED anything and can afford everything, but people LIKE to buy little gifts. It isn't some huge party with huge gifts! There will be iced tea and coffee cake and just a small amount of close, local family and friends there. THAT IS NOT GREEDY! I think some of you more angry commenters are confusing full blown showers with sprinkles. And maybe it is because there is the occasional person who wants wants wants. But most of us just like the idea of celebrating baby number two. For example: I finally get my girl!!! And for those people who are going to bring gifts anyways, at least they are what you will have to buy yourself anyways. And the others don't need to get a gift if they don't want to. GIFT OPTIONAL is a great way to go.

05/25/2015 11:00 AM
Cynthia says:

I think this is a good idea especially for those of us who never got a baby shower for the first baby..

07/30/2015 05:33 PM
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