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Top > Holiday Traditions > Thanksgiving Traditions > A New Life for the Thanksgiving Tablecloth
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A New Life for the Thanksgiving Tablecloth

I started a great Thanksgiving tradition of my own after my grandmother passed away seven years ago. My Grandmother always hosted our family Thanksgiving at her home, she decorated the table with the same beautiful tablecloth each year. Unfortunately, the tablecloth got many cranberry and gravy stains over the years and it didn't fit my kitchen table. As the new hostess of our family Thanksgiving, I knew it was important to find some way to make the tablecloth part of our celebration. I decided to cut it up and make several hot pads for the table as well as make an apron for myself to wear as I prepared the Thanksgiving feast. The result was awesome, everyone appreciated that we still kept Grandma's tablecloth alive and we'll continue to do keep the tradition alive for many years to come.

~Jennifer S.

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