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Top > Holiday Traditions > Thanksgiving Traditions > A Toast to Thanksgiving
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A Toast to Thanksgiving

You could say that my family enjoys a few cocktails, so it's only appropriate that we celebrate Thanksgiving with some holiday libations. Everyone comes over to our house early (my siblings, their respective spouses, mom, dad, a few aunts, uncles and cousins too!) We believe in sharing the whole day together, cooking, watching football, playing games and drinking. We've always started pouring cocktails early so every is warmed up to sing Christmas carols after dinner. We always have mimosas for breakfast, bloody mary's for lunch, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps mid-afternoon (especially appropriate for those who venture outside to toss the football), wine with dinner and brandy alexanders or grasshoppers (both with ice cream) after dinner. That's when the singing starts. My husband gets out his guitar and we sing as many Christmas carols as we can stand. We have a blast and really enjoy spending the day together as a happy (and sometimes drunk) family. (Note: No one is allowed to drive home drunk. Designated drivers, carpooling, staying overnight or just plain sobering up are always required before everyone can leave.)

~Tanya L., Mason City, IA

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