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Top > New Baby Traditions > A Tree for Baby
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A Tree for Baby

My Dad started a new family tradition when I was born. The day I came home from the hospital, he planted a flowering crab tree in the front yard. Then when my two brothers were born he planted two more trees. Even though there were only three kids in my family, the tradition has not stopped. Dad and Mom moved to a house in the country when we were teenagers so the trees that were planted to commemorate our births are now in somebody else’s lawn. However when my brother had the first grandchild, Dad got out the shovel and planted a new tree. This time my Mom also chipped in, she found a local store that would make a small plaque to put in the ground... it read "Colin’s Tree – 1995". Since then there have been four more grandchildren added to the family and each one of them has their own tree and plaque. It’s fun to see the trees grow along with the children. The kids love the idea of having their own tree in Grandma and Grandpa’s big yard.

~Rose B., Portage, WI

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Tradition Comments

Sue R. says:

My oldest daughter is due on June 17th with our first grandchild. I've been looking for something special that would commemorate the big day for our family. I just found what I'm going to do... my husband and I are going to start this same tradition in our family. We'll wait to see if the baby is a boy or a girl before we pick out the tree and, of course, I'll have to wait to get the plaque until I know the baby's name. Thanks for the great idea... we hope in five or ten years that we'll have a whole yard full of trees for our grandchildren.

05/22/2008 09:06 PM
NewMomToBe says:

We're expecting our first child later this year and my husband and I will be planting a tree to commemorate the birth. What a cool idea to see the tree grow up alongside my child.

07/08/2008 08:22 PM
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