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Top > Holiday Traditions > Valentine's Day Traditions > A Valentine's Day Teddy
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A Valentine's Day Teddy

It's a tradition that I get a teddy bear for Valentine's Day every year from my husband. While that might not sound funny, it actually started as a misunderstanding. Back when we were first married, my husband asked me for some Valentine's Day gift ideas. I listed off a couple things and then jokingly added, "or maybe you could pick me out a teddy." Thinking I was talking about a furry stuffed bear, not the lingerie, he went out and bought me a cute teddy bear. While opening gifts, he asked me how he did on the selection. I replied that he did well and didn't even need to use any of my earlier suggestions. To which he answered, "You asked for a teddy!" I just about died laughing and he was sadly disappointed that he didn't understand me better. Now to this day, he gets me a teddy bear every Valentine's Day. (I take care of picking out the teddy as his Valentine's Day gift!)

~Tonya R., Bradenton, FL

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