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Top > Holiday Traditions > Christmas Traditions > A Very Special Santa Coloring Book
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A Very Special Santa Coloring Book

The Santa Video>

We had a great tradition growing up and I will try to get a picture for you. We had a gianormous coloring book (about 3 feet tall) that we would set out for Santa every Christmas Eve. Santa would surprise us and color a page in the book and write us a little message. We would run out to the living room in the morning and be so thrilled to page through the book and discover the newly colored page and the note from Santa. It was the coolest thing ever! Once I was old enough to realize how long it took for "Santa" to color each page in the book, sometimes I would help him out and start a page for him, and leave the rest of it for him to finish. That way "Santa" wouldn't be so tired in the morning with all he had to do. We still saved the book after all these years. When my sister and I were little, it seemed to be as big as we were, and now when we found it again, it seemed to have "shrunk"...but it is so neat to look back through the pages and reflect on all the memories we have from that special coloring book.

~Tierra J., Waunakee, WI

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kaij marsh says:


12/23/2011 08:07 PM
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