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Top > Birthday Traditions > Birthday Centerpiece
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Birthday Centerpiece

We make a special centerpiece that is all about the birthday person for our birthday celebrations. We have a milk bottle vase holding the flower of the month, birthstone of the month set out, plus all the favorites through the years of the birthday person. For one son, he loves rabbits, so there is always his favorite stuffed rabbit toy there, the shirt he loved and never wanted to take off from the time he was 2 until he was 4 years old, and various other favorite toys through the years and things showing his current interests. For my other son, he loves cats, so we have a stuffed cat toy, his Looney Tunes cloth diapers that were his security as a toddler, drawing paper and pens since he likes to draw, etc. We also have a notebook with their birthday collages through the years in it. I like to make a simple collage for each boy each year with a picture from each month through the past year to send to family members, each with a little rhyme such as "Mommy says I'm growing up too fast! But here I am, six at last!" Those are my 2 most favorite birthday traditions!

~Patti D.

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