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Top > Birthday Traditions > Birthday Time Capsule
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Birthday Time Capsule

When my son was born, my husband I put together a time capsule to document things that were going on in the world at the time of his birth. We included a newspaper, a letter from each one of us, a postage stamp, a photo of our car, a photo of our house, a photo of us, a copy of our favorite recipe, movie listings, a grocery store receipt and a few other miscellaneous items that had significance at the time. Then at our son’s 5th birthday, we opened up the capsule. While it wasn’t of much significance to him at the time, it was great fun for my husband and I. But what was fun for him was gathering items for the next time capsule. We included a list of all his favorite things, his height, weight, photos, his artwork and a video of him along with a similar list of items that we included in our initial time capsule. The capsule is currently housed in a shoebox in the bottom of our closet and will be opened on his 10th birthday. Our plan is to create time capsule every five years.

~Tonya R., Waunakee, WI

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