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Top > Articles and Information > Crafting with BabbaBox and KiwiCrate

Compare BabbaBox vs Kiwi Crate

Have fun and establish a monthly tradition with your child with a craft subscription program. Read on for my review of the BabbaCo and KiwiCrate programs.

Special $10 Savings Offer from Kiwi Crate

I've been wanting to try out one of the new monthly craft subscription programs (BabbaBox vs KiwiCrate) for awhile now. I decided to wait until my daughter Stella turned three so that the projects wouldn't be beyond her capabilities. Well, she turned three in July and now that it's August, we just received our first shipment. I thought she'd love it and so far, I'm right on with that. I know how much she enjoys getting mail. She really loves getting a magazine (High Five by Highlights) in the mail so I figured, she would be ecstatic over a box with craft projects. She was thrilled when we got our first shipment even before seeing what was inside. Just the idea of getting mail, and a box nonetheless was very exciting.

In July, shortly after her third birthday I signed up with a three-month subscription for both BabbaBox by BabbaCo and KiwiCrate. I tried to find some online reviews to decide which one was better, but was unsuccessful. I thought I would give both a try and see for myself. Stella has always enjoyed doing arts and crafts. We have a fully stocked cabinet in our living room with lots of art supplies (crayons, markers, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, feathers, beads, paper, stickers and more). I read lots of Mom blogs that feature kids crafts and I have lots of ideas pinned on Pinterest. We do a lot of impromptu artwork and she has a chance to do art at preschool too, but it still never seems that I have enough time to pull together all the things I need to do a well thought out project. That's where I thought Kiwi Crate and Babba Box would be helpful. They can do all the prep work for me and I can simply enjoy doing the craft project with Stella when the box arrives in the mail.

Our first box (Kiwi Crate) arrived on Saturday morning, but with a full weekend of plans, we were not able to schedule time until after nap on Sunday. Luckily, she was busy and was able to wait a full day and half before we dove in to the box. Actually Stella and John, my husband, had this box all to themselves as I cleaned up the kitchen and prepared dinner. I also was able to watch them do the crafts together. Besides being adorable to watch a girl craft with her daddy on child-size chairs, it was interesting for me to watch the whole scenario unfold. They opened up the box and dove in. This box was robot-themed and contained two craft projects. I like that the projects are easy enough for a 3-year old, but that I can see how they would still be appropriate for an older child. Without exploring the detail of the two projects, I think the projects were well-suited and fun for a child. You could spend a relatively short amount of time (appropriate for the shorter attention-span of a 3-year old) or you could make the projects more involved by adding more decorations, more intricate cutting, etc. and still entertain a 6-year old. Stella and John finished both projects in about 40 minutes. There were additional supplies left over that will allow us to make more robots another day. I'm happy with my first monthly craft subscription and I'm already looking forward to receiving my second in the mail soon.

After doing the project, I thought how much my nieces (3 and 7) would enjoy the projects. I found that Kiwi Crate (not BabbaBox) offers a sibling option that sends extra supplies for $7.95 to share. I think I know what they'll be getting for Christmas this year.

UPDATE 9/5/12: I just received an email from BabbaBox that they are now offering a sibling option as well for $9.99. I think that's a good move on their part.

We received the BabbaBox in the mail about a week ago, but due to a family vacation and busy schedules, we still haven't sat down to craft. A couple of things I noticed upon arrival and a very quick inspection: 1) the BabbaBox outer box is much bigger than KiwiCrate (likely a contributor to the higher monthly cost for Babba since shipping is certainly more expensive for them than the smaller Kiwi Crate box). 2) The box included a wine cork for Babba parents as a gift from Jessica Kim, the founder. I found it a nice gesture, but I don't think it's necessary. I'd rather they save the money and lower their monthly costs. And, while I like wine, I just don't see the connection. I'll let you know what I think of the product as soon as we have a chance... hopefully tonight. We're excited to do it!

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See the table below to compare Kiwi Crate and BabbaBox.

  BabbaBox Kiwi Crate
Base Price $29.99/month $19.95/month
Pricing Options $89.97/1st 3 months
Gift Cards Available YES YES
Sibling Options Yes, for an add'l $9.99 they will include extra supplies Yes, for an add'l $7.95 they will include extra supplies
Other Options No They offer six mini crates that can be used as party favors for a fee of $5 - $12 per crate. Buy in quantities of 6 or more.
More Options No Two standard crates are regularly available (choose from Space Hero or Fairy Fun) for $19.95.
Ages 3-6 years old 3-7 years old
# of Projects Included 2-3 projects 2-3 projects
BabbaBox - Activity Box for Kids
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$4.95 All-U-Can Ship