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Top > Articles and Information > Creating May Day Baskets

Creating May Day Baskets

The origin of May Day dates back thousands of years and like many ancient festivals, it has pagan roots. Over the years, the celebration has evolved and changed. Depending on where you are in the world today, May Day has come to mean a variety of things. In some cultures it is a joyous celebration marking the end of winter, in others it’s a more religious or even political celebration. Most Americans are familiar with May Day traditions that have roots in old Europe: the May Pole, crowning of the May Queen and the most popular, giving May Baskets filled with sweets or flowers.

May Baskets are a delightful tradition for both children and adults. They’re a great surprise gift to bright someone’s day. Often inexpensive to buy or fun to make, they can be purchased new, found at thrift stores or made at home. After the basket is made and filled, simply deliver, ring the doorbell and run as fast as you can so you don't get caught.

We’ve found several online resources for creating your own May Baskets from craft supplies, recycled boxes, cans, jars and other decorative scraps.

Once your May Basket is complete, fill it with candy, flowers (fresh, artificial, even tissue paper!), homemade cookies, tea bags, a poem or a gift card.

If you have a May Basket idea, tradition or tip that you want to share, just drop me a line.
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