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Top > Traditions Among Friends > Customize Your Bags
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Customize Your Bags

My friends have quite a competition going at the game of backyard bean bags. At our summer parties, we all get together for a big battle. It’s a great game for adults and kids alike. John and Tom built most of the boards and Jacki made all the bean bags. For the first few years we played the game on the simple plywood boards, until one day Aaron and Allison decided to paint their board with racing stripes and flames. They started a battle of another kind. Now each year everyone gets out the paint and customizes the paint job on their boards. There’s a new paint job every year. Our first paint job was a hippo with his mouth open where the hole is. The second year we made our board look like a big block of Swiss cheese and last year, we opted for a golf green complete with flag and all. We judge the paint jobs at our first summer get-together and give prizes for the most unique. It’s a blast!

~Carrie D., Madison, WI

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