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Top > Holiday Traditions > Easter Traditions > Easter Bunny Tracks
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Easter Bunny Tracks

Every Easter when my kids were young I would make Easter Bunny tracks on the carpet using baby powder. I simply "puffed" out baby powder "bunny footprints" on the floor from the front door to the location of the Easter baskets. This made it especially easy for the little kids to find their baskets by just following the bunny trail. As the kids got older the bunny tracks would end near the front door so they would have a bit more of a challenge finding their baskets. The tracks were an easy way to add a fun element to our Easter morning celebration and the kids loved waking up and seeing proof the Easter Bunny had arrived.

Try it for yourself. Simply take the baby powder container, twist it open a little and squeeze it on the floor in “bunny tracks.” They not only look good, but they also create a nice smell when you vacuum them up!

~Mary G., Merrill, WI

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Tradition Comments

Holly says:

I've tried chalk prints in the past. This is easier. Thanks!

04/11/2009 06:54 AM
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