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Top > Family Traditions > Good Night John Boy
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Good Night John Boy

Good Night John BoyI remember the ritual of going to sleep at my parents house when I was growing up. There was always a routine. Everyone would wash their face and spend their time in the bathroom. Then we’d all pile into our respective beds as Mom or Dad traded the overhead lights for the dim light of the hall nightlight. Once we were all tucked into our beds some one would call out, "Good Night Patrick", which was answered by "Good Night Raegan". Then I would join in, "Good Night Mom". The ritual would continue until everyone had wished one another a proper "Good Night".

~Colleen C., Madison, WI

Famous for the phrase "Goodnight John Boy", the Waltons was a successful television show that ran from 1972-1981. The show was about a family who lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in the 1930’s and 1940’s. John and Olivia Walton lived with their seven children and John’s aging parents on Walton’s Mountain . The family-oriented drama was told through the eyes of the eldest son, John Boy, an aspiring writer. Each episode had the same signature ending where the house is dark except for one light in an upstairs window and each character bids the other good-night in ceremonial fashion. "Good night Mary Ellen", "Good night Jim-Bob", "Good night Ben", until the last good night from John Walton, Sr. to his son, "Good night John-Boy". "Good night, everyone." Then the last light in the house clicks off and the show ends.

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Tradition Comments

Anonymous says:

This is a great tradition!

05/13/2008 09:57 AM
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