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Top > Traditions Among Friends > Happy Housewarming
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Happy Housewarming

When we moved into our house four years ago, my husband’s Aunt Shirley dropped by with a thoughtful housewarming gift. The gift included the following items and explanations:

1) Broom – May your house always be clean.
2) Bread – May you never go hungry.
3) Salt – May there always be spice in your life.
4) Candle – May you always have light.
5) Honey – May your life always be sweet.
6) Wine – May you never go thirsty.
7) A Penny – May you always have good fortune.
8) Plant – May you always have life.
9) Wood Cutting Board – May you always have stability.

Since then, many of our friends have bought their first house or moved on to their second homes. I was so touched by the gift from Dave’s aunt four years ago, that I now present each new home owner with a variety of gifts from the list above. I usually buy a small basket to tuck the smaller items in, and I wrap the broom with a nice bow. The recipients of the gift have loved their gifts and many have picked up the tradition themselves to share with their friends and family.

~Kristina B., Milwaukee Falls, TX

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