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Top > Holiday Traditions > Christmas Traditions > Headstart on Christmas
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Headstart on Christmas

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Our house was always decorated beautifully for holidays when I was growing up. There were decorations for Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving. But Christmas was by far the biggest decorating holiday of the bunch. There were lights strung outside, a full Christmas tree, a manger scene and a plethora of other holiday decorations scattered throughout the house. Mom even put out special Christmas towels and a holiday soap dish in the bathroom. The house was transformed into some kind of holiday wonderland. I loved the decorations, they were such a big part of the celebration. Mom put a lot of work into making the house look nice for the holidays. She knew none of us would have it any other way, so when I only a very small child, she began buying me one special Christmas decoration each year. One year it was a Christmas ball, one year it was a pair of beautiful angels, one year it was a tree skirt, and so on. By the time I was graduated from high school, I had compiled quite the collection of holiday decorations of my own. The first year I was out of the house, I brought a few of those decorations with me to my dorm room, a few years later when I had an apartment, I used even more of the decorations and now that I have a house of my own, I still use many of the decorations to brighten up my holidays. Mom knew that those special decorations were such a part of our childhood memories that she wanted us to have a headstart when we were ready to move out on our own and begin decorating our own nests.

~Colleen C., Madison, WI

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