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Top > Articles and Information > Hiding Christmas Presents

Hiding Holiday Gifts - Tips and Ideas

Shopping and wrapping gifts are a regular part of holiday season, but one of the least talked about traditions that accompanies them is hiding the gifts from their anxious recipients. I remember when I was young my Mom hid my gifts in her bedroom closet. I know, because I found them there... many times. Then she finally got smart and started to find more unique places where I wasn’t as likely to find them. That just meant that I looked even harder. I can remember finding gifts in my Dad’s sock drawer, under my sister’s bed and in the hall closet. Eventually I figured out that finding the gifts ahead of time just plain ruined the surprise on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of us that haven’t figured that out. It is for them, that I dedicate the list of ideas and tips for hiding holiday gifts found below.

I don’t have to worry about curious children snooping around for gifts, but I do have to be worry about my sometimes nosy husband. After doing some research and creative thinking, here’s what I came up with to help you make your gift giving a true surprise.

  • Consider having your gifts wrapped at the mall or the store you purchased them from. Not only does it take the pressure off of hiding, but it saves you the time spent wrapping them.
  • Swap gifts with a friend. Bring your family’s gifts over to a friend’s house and store your friend’s family gifts at your house. It works especially well for large items that can’t easily be hidden, like bicycles or skis.
  • Use unusual containers to hide the items. How about an empty food box, like cake mix, macaroni and cheese, etc. Just drop in the small items, glue it shut and place it in the back of your kitchen cupboard.
  • My husband always jokes that he hides my gifts in the oven. He knows I won’t look there because I never do any of the cooking in our house. Ha! Ha! While this might be a good idea for someone whose partner or children don’t venture into the kitchen to cook, be cautious. You don’t want to preheat the wool socks or Barbie doll you just purchased.
  • Use your office. If you have enough space at your office, keep the gifts there until it’s time to bring them home.
  • Try under the kitchen sink, in the garage, basement or attic. Most kids aren’t allowed to go into these places alone.
  • One place most teenagers would never look is the parent’s underwear drawers. I think that’s a great place for hiding small gift items.
  • Consider hiding the gifts in the trunk of your car. Just be aware if you have children (or a spouse) that has keys to the car.
  • Hide the gifts in your unused luggage. Empty suitcases can hold a lot of presents!
  • If you have small gifts, use pockets of clothes that are hanging in your closet.
  • For those that are really serious, put the gifts behind locked doors. I know more than one person that has a lock on their bedroom closet. (Hmm. I'm still curious what the lock is really there for.)
  • Use the Christmas storage boxes. After you pull out the decorations you should empty space just waiting to be filled.

One final word of caution. Be sure to remember where you put everything. A little list (in a secret place) might be useful for keeping track of all the hidden gifts. (Try a password protected file on your computer, a list in your wallet or a list at work.)

Good luck hiding and Happy Holidays!

If you have a hiding place that you want to share, just drop me a line.
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