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Top > Holiday Traditions > Valentine's Day Traditions > Homemade Valentine's for My Sweetheart
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Homemade Valentine's for My Sweetheart

My husband I have been together for many years. When we first met we didn't have much money so we started a Valentine's Day tradition that has lasted over 15 years. We each make a homemade Valentine for the other. Over the years we've both used our share of red construction paper, doilies, stickers and such. We each spend a great deal of time trying to craft a masterpiece. It's even become a bit of a competition at time. We try to outdo the previous year and each other. Being a scrapbooker, you would think that I have an upper hand in the "battle", but in fact, my husband usually comes up with the most beautiful, creative cards. I cherish each card that I've received over the years and keep them safely in a box so I can look at them throughout the year. The cards are worth so much more to me than a box of chocolates or flowers because I know all the time and effort that went into it. I couldn't ask for a better Valentine's Day gift!

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