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Top > Holiday Traditions > Christmas Traditions > Jack, the Christmas Elf
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Jack, the Christmas Elf

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I started a new tradition a few years ago when I bought a new stuffed elf at a local store. The Christmas Elf, named Jack, appears in the house on December 1st and leaves on Christmas Eve. Jack works as a scout for Santa, watching the kids and reporting back to the North Pole at night to let the Big Guy know if Laney and Evan were naughty or nice. The Christmas Elf appears in a new spot each day. The first thing the kids do when they wake up in the morning is hunt for Jack. He's been found sitting on the top of the TV, on a shelf in the bathroom, hanging from the light fixture above our dining room table and just about anywhere you can imagine. The Christmas Elf has always been a big hit in our house and it helps to mention "Jack is watching" when the kids misbehave as they know everything they say or do is reported to Santa that evening when they sleep. It's a simple little tradition that adds excitement to the holiday season.

~Lila W., Fayetteville, NC

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