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Top > Holiday Traditions > Thanksgiving Traditions > Let's Take a Walk
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Let's Take a Walk

A few years ago I was uncomfortable sitting on the couch after gorging myself with Thanksgiving dinner. After listening to me complain about my tight pants, my brother-in-law stood up and announced in a loud voice, "Let's take a walk." We all looked at each other then got up, pulled on our winter coats and gloves and followed him out the door. We all walked through the neighborhood and enjoyed the fresh air. When we got back we talked about how we all felt so much better. My sister decided that we should make it a family tradition that we take a walk after each Thanksgiving meal. So now every year after we gorge ourselves, my brother-in-law stands up and announces, "Let's take a Walk." We all get dressed and follow him outside. We're all so much happier after our walk and can enjoy the rest of the night feeling more awake and more comfortable.

~Tina R., Chicago, IL

Tradition Comments

Patti S. says:

Great idea! I think that tradition would be best implemented after every big family meal... Christmas, Easter, even the summer BBQ. I just might stand up and try to get everybody moving at our next family get-together.

05/29/2008 03:02 PM
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