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Top > Articles and Information > Love Letters for Valentine's Day

Love Letters for Valentine's Day

My three-year old daughter can't get enough of Valentine's Day. She loves heart stickers, glitter and all the lovey stuff that surrounds the romantic holiday. We've decorated the house with pink and red hearts galore, but it just wasn't enough. Then I found this absolutely adorable idea some where online, probably Pinterest (Follow Me!), but honestly I don't remember. Get mailboxes for the whole family and send each other love notes (aka Valentines) during the month of February.

The family mailboxes are easy peasy and oh, so cute. Here's what we did: I found three mini mailboxes in the dollar section of Target. They are absolutely perfect! But, before I found the mini mailboxes, my idea was to use a shoebox or photo box for our mailboxes. That would have been an absolutely fine idea too, and perfect for decorating with stickers and things. I originally planned to put one shoebox mailbox by each bedroom door (one at my daughter's room and one for the hubs and I to share outside our door), but the mini mailboxes are so cute that I made them part of our Valentine's decor. I got some cute letter stickers and heart stickers and decorated them accordingly. And since they were so little (and cute!) I got one for everybody so my husband and I don't have to share. I made a Valentine decorating station at our craft table and included some doily hearts, pre-printed valentines, stickers, glitter glue and small sheets of paper. I put the Valentine mailboxes out on February 1st so we have a countdown of sorts until the big day arrives. Each day my daughter spends time at the craft table making sweet love notes for her Daddy and me. My husband and I take a few minutes after she goes to bed to make our daughter (and sometimes each other!) a little Valentine surprise. We put up the flag on the mailbox to let each other know that there's mail. Each morning my daughter is excited to check her mail and see what arrived. Right now, the valentines consist mostly of stickers and glitter glue, but sometimes she dictates a message for my husband or I to write. And, in the future, I'm sure it will help her with writing practice. I highly encourage your family to try this fun family tradition. It's a great way to express your love in the days leading up to Valentine's Day.
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