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Top > Just Because > My Summer Reading Tradition
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My Summer Reading Tradition

I have a summer tradition that I've observed since I was 13 years old (I'm now 28.) Since I'm an avid book reader, I've made it a tradition to read one book per week during June, July and August. The tradition started when I was in junior high and I had summers off to laze around and relax. As I've gotten older my schedules are no longer as lazy, but I still make a point to kick my reading into high gear for the summer months.

~Cybil R., Moonachie, NJ

Tradition Comments

BookloverToo says:

I don't think I can match one book per week, but I really like the idea of reading more in the summer as a sort of tradition. I wake up earlier in the summer and enjoy a cup of coffee on our patio before my kids get up. I usually read the paper, but I think tomorrow I'm going to start reading a new book. With three kids, I'm going to make a goal of one book a month during the summer. I'm looking forward to it already.

08/12/2008 09:33 PM
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