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Top > Holiday Traditions > Christmas Traditions > Neighborhood Hot Chocolate Stand Tradition
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Neighborhood Hot Chocolate Stand Tradition

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Several years ago a couple of my friends and I had a Hot Chocolate Stand (think winter version of a lemonade stand.) The idea was to get our kids involved in doing some volunteer work and giving back to the community. All proceeds from the sale of the hot chocolate go to our local food pantry. The first year I think we made about $45. The stand has now grown in scope to become a weekend tradition in our area. We put signs out on the major roads, advertise in the church newsletter and a few other places and we've even been on TV and the radio station promoting our cause. We have an entire crew of people that now volunteer and we have the hot chocolate donated by a local grocery store. The event is a lot of work, but is very fulfilling for all involved. We play Christmas music, sing carols and celebrate Christmas by sharing our time together. In addition to hot chocolate, we've added home-baked cookies and bars to the mix as well. Last year the now 2-day event made $1700! I would encourage others to try this as a neighborhood tradition. It doesn't have to get as big as our event, but it's a fun way for kids (and adults too!) to organize an event and give back to their community.

~Suzanne K., Minneapolis, MN

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