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Top > Holiday Traditions > Christmas Traditions > New Pajamas for Christmas
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New Pajamas for Christmas

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It was a tradition when I was growing up that we all got to open one gift on Christmas Eve. Mom and Dad always picked out the gift we could open and every year my sister, brother and I tore into the gift with eager anticipation. And each year we discovered a new pair of pajamas. (Even after several years of getting PJs, we still hoped for something more exciting.) Despite our disappointment of receiving pajamas, we all got dressed in our new pajamas and headed off to bed for the night. The pajamas guaranteed good Christmas morning pictures as we were all dressed in nice new pajamas. And now that I have children of my own, I've started the same tradition in our house. It's fun to see my kids tear off the wrapping paper, just hoping to find a toy inside, but only to pull out another new pair of pajamas. I guess some things never change!

~Lisa B., Fargo, ND

Tradition Comments

Lynette says:

Along the lines of new PJ's...each year before Christmas we all get new Christmas themed pj's. This includes my husband and children, my sister's family and my parents. On Christmas Eve we go to my sister's and we all wear our pj's. We spend the evening making a gingerbread house and playing games like BINGO using hershy kisses as the markers. Each family brings little trinkets for the prizes. Wearing our pj's makes it comfortable and easy to relax sitting on the floor or whatever!!

10/08/2009 12:20 PM
Anonymous says:

We also had the pajama traditions. I (Grandma) would buy matching pajamas for all my grandchildren and then take their pictures sitting together somewhere. We now have a wonderful succession of pictures as the children grew, each year with a different set of pajamas. They are now much older, so this year we took one of the pajama pictures and used it for the Christmas invitation to the family members, placing their drawn name for their gift exchange and what they were to bring for Christmas dinner on the back. Everyone loves the nostalgia, and they never forget who's name they have or what they are to bring.

12/11/2009 01:44 AM
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