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Top > Holiday Traditions > Christmas Traditions > Our Family Christmas Celebration
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Our Family Christmas Celebration

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On Christmas Eve because this is my brother's birthday we gather at his place in the country which is really very quaint. Perfect for a Christmas picture. We gather around 2pm on Christmas Eve and proceed to enjoy the vast amount of food prepared by my sister in law. A newer tradition is having my wife's rumaki on hand. This is a Christmas favorite. (My Dad and Brother Love It) We have a little birthday cake and take an hour out of Christmas for my brother and give him his birthday gifts. After we wind down from cake and coffee it is time to watch Merry Christmas Mr Bean (don't ask). However, we still enjoy it as a family to this day. We start to place our gifts under the family tree and get ready for a HUGE dinner. After the dinner we try to go for a walk or hot tub in the backyard. Then of course the big event all gifts opened under the tree. We end the night by chatting and remembering the year almost behind us. We gather our stuff and head home as the 4 adult kids must go to the spouse's side of the family for Xmas Day. We have 2 parents, 4 adult kids, 4 spouses and 4 kids 21, 19, 5, almost 2 Oh and if I am lucky I sneak off for a quick Man Tub with my two older nephews and my brother. Nothing beats sitting in the hot tub on Xmas Eve.


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