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Top > Family Traditions > Our Special Red Plate
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Our Special Red Plate

Our family has a special red plate that we were given as a gift at the birth of our first child (12 years ago.) The beautiful red plate has the words "You are Special Today" written on it. The plate is used for birthdays, graduations, and other special days. Our son has had the opportunity to eat off the plate on many occasions including his first Little League homerun, many outstanding report cards and the day he won the 3rd grade spelling contest. Our daughter has eaten off the plate on her first day of kindergarten, preschool graduation and the night of her first piano recital. Not only is the plate used by the kids, but my husband and I get to share in the celebration as well. I ate off the plate when I got a promotion at work and even after organizing a successful neighborhood garage sale. My husband ate off the plate the day he caught the 42" Musky, shot below 100 on his golf game and the day he started his new job. We always take a picture of the special person at the kitchen table with the plate and have made a photo album for all the special plate days. Because the Red Plate has become a cherished tradition at our house, I’ve given the plate as a gift for weddings, baby showers and birthdays.

~Sue T., Madison, WI

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Tradition Comments

SallyT says:

I made my own "You are special" plate at the local paint your own pottery store. I painted it bright yellow and added colorful bursts of color along with the words "YOU ARE SPECIAL" in the middle. It's always a treat to eat on the yellow plate at our house.

06/23/2008 02:59 PM
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