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Top > More Special Occasions > Picnic on the First Day of Spring
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Picnic on the First Day of Spring

When I was little we always had a picnic on the first day of Spring. However, living in northern Wisconsin that didn't always mean that our picnics were outside. My Mom would pack up sandwiches, lemonade, fresh chocolate chip cookies and other snacks in our big picnic basket. If the weather was reasonable (we could find a bare spot of grass not covered with snow), we would grab a big plastic tablecloth and head outside. Most of the time we were bundled up in our winter jackets, hats and mittens. If the weather was uncooperative, we just put down a pretty flowered tablecloth in the middle of our living room floor and proceeded to picnic there. My Mom even found some music that included frogs croaking and birds chirping that she would play. Every year I think about these picnics when the first day of Spring comes around and remember all the fun we had. I hope to resurrect the tradition when I have a child of my own someday.

~Lily P., Wisconsin Rapids, WI

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