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Postcards Among Friends

Sending Postcards TraditionMy three best friends and I started a fun and easy tradition a few years ago to keep in touch and to occasionally brighten one another's day. It all started when we met for a weekend getaway. We were all complaining about the amount of junk mail that we receive and how we never receive anything good in the mail anymore. That's when Jackie came up with the idea to send one another postcards every once in awhile. A postcard is perfect because it only requires a short note so it doesn't take too long to write. We all loved the idea so now we each try to send a random postcard to one another a couple of times a year... whether we're on a family vacation or we just picked up a postcard from the local discount store. To make it easy and convenient we each keep a short list of addresses and postcard stamps in our purses. It's a simple tradition but it brings a smile each time we check the mail and find a postcard from a friend. It's such a quick way to brighten one another's day. I would highly recommend as a tradition among friends.

~Nancy J., Elkhorn, NE

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