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Top > Holiday Traditions > Christmas Traditions > Random Acts of Christmas Kindness
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Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

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I always encourage my kids to think of others, give a little extra, and generally to be kind to friends, family, animals and nature. During the month of December, I make an extra effort to instill these types of positive actions. To do so, I implemented a reward system for "Random Acts of Christmas Kindness" (or RACKS for short). For each act of "giving" that each of us performs during the month, we tie a small bow on our Christmas tree. Each of us has our own color ribbon so we can easily see who's doing the most "giving'. I also have small slips of paper and an empty box wrapped up under the tree with a slit in the top to deposit our "random act of kindness." We've had all sorts of submissions over the last four years of doing it. My son cleaned spent a morning cleaning up trash in our neighborhood, my husband volunteered to be a Salvation Army bellringer, my oldest son, surprised our neighbors by snowblowing their driveway, I baked cookies for our local homeless shelter, my daughter used her allowance to buy dog food for our animal shelter. But not all "Random Acts of Christmas Kindness" are always so big. My daughter surprised me one morning by taking out the trash, my husband brought home pizza when it was my night to cook and my oldest son helped his brother with his homework. After the month is over, I pull out all the little slips and put them into a simple scrapbook so we can remember our "RACKs" for years to come.

~Heather H., Dubuque, IA

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