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Top > Just Because > Red Toes and Pampering
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Red Toes and Pampering

When I was young it was always a treat to stay at my Aunt Betty’s house. She didn’t have children of her own, so she always made sure that I was extra-spoiled. We had so much fun together. One of the most memorable traditions that we had is what we called "Spa Night". Aunt Betty would let me soak my feet in her foot bath. She would always add some sweet smelling oil to the water so it was extra special. Then when I was done, she’d dry off my feet with a big soft towel and we’d proceed downstairs to the couch where the pampering would continue. She would rub my feet with fancy foot scrubs and apply lotion to make them extra soft. She would clip my toenails, trim my cuticles and paint my toes a blazing shade of red. Then she would rub my feet while we watched television together and ate popcorn. I felt like such a princess on "Spa Night" and I loved showing off my red toenails when I was all done.

~Colleen C., Fitchburg, WI

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