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Top > Traditions Among Friends > Restaurant ABC's
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Restaurant ABC's

My friends and I got stuck in a restaurant rut. We always ate at the same five to ten places. Eventually, we decided we needed to expand our restaurant horizons and try new places so we started a new game. Now every 3rd Thursday of the month we try a new restaurant. We started by picking a restaurant that’s name started with "A". The next meal, we picked a restaurant that started with a "B" and so on. The game is not only fun, but it has inspired us to try new and exciting restaurants that we would not have tried otherwise.

~Brian L., Louisville, KY

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Tradition Comments

Kris L. says:

A group of my friends and I got stuck in a similar dining rut. Instead of dining A-Z, we read the weekly restaurant reviews in our local paper and use that as a guide for picking our restaurants. We don't try to go the same week the review comes out (too crowded!), we're on a 3-4 week delay. It helps us find restaurants that we would have otherwise never even found.

05/19/2008 11:03 AM
terriann says:

My husband and I go out to dinner every Saturday evening for our date night. I just told him about the Restaurant ABCs idea and both of us can't wait to get started. Next Saturday we'll be starting out at Angelo's. Great idea!

07/08/2008 08:25 PM
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