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Top > Holiday Traditions > Valentine's Day Traditions > The Book of Love
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The Book of Love

When my boyfriend and I started dating two and half years ago, I thought it would be especially romantic to place an ad in the "Book of Love", a newspaper supplement to the Isthmus Newspaper in Madison, WI that contains sweet sayings at Valentine's Day. I made up a short love note and submitted it to the paper hoping that he would find it on his own and recognize it was from me. I left it laying out on my kitchen table (open to the right page) when he came over to pick me up for dinner. I took my time getting ready, thinking he might look for something to read to pass the time. No luck! We went out for dinner and returned to my apartment. I moved the "Book of Love" to the coffee table, thinking that might get his attention while I ran upstairs to "waste" some time. Still no luck! Finally, before saying goodnight, I handed him the paper and told him there was a note inside for him. He blushed, then rifled through the pages looking for my note. He found it and told me how sweet it was. The next year, I submitted a second message and to my surprise, my normally unromantic (but very sweet) boyfriend did the same. We both agreed to make it our Valentine's Day tradition.

~Karen B., DeForest, WI

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