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Top > Holiday Traditions > Christmas Traditions > The Christmas Pickle
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The Christmas Pickle

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Many years ago I found a strange little pickle ornament at my local Christmas shop. It had a small card attached that gave more information on the odd little ornament. The card explained that the pickle is part of an old German tradition. When decorating the Christmas tree, the pickle is supposed to be the last ornament hung (and hidden) in the branches by the parents. Then the first child of the family that finds the ornament on Christmas Eve receives an extra little gift and is the first to unwrap his or her gifts. I loved the idea of creating a new family Christmas tradition and bought the ornament that day. Our family has enjoyed celebrating the tradition ever since.

~Tracey D., Madison, WI

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Tradition Comments

Rachel says:

My family does that every year! We love it, but my little sister always finds it first! Now that I am married, I need to find my own pickle to hang on the tree

04/16/2011 06:38 AM
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