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Top > Birthday Traditions > The Fabulous Birthday Cake
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The Fabulous Birthday Cake

The Fabulous Birthday CakeI had the best birthday cakes when I was growing up. My mom went to extraordinary measures to make sure that every birthday cake was better than the last. The cakes became famous throughout the years. My friends and I looked forward to the elaborate cakes. The first year I had a Barbie birthday cake, the kind where the doll is in the center and the big round double-decker cake is her dress. That was followed by the two-foot tall pink teddy bear cake, the 3-D wiener dog cake, the dragonfly cake with the flapping wings, the rootbeer float cake and the record player cake that played real music (to name a few of the most memorable). Each cake was carefully constructed and a themed birthday party was planned around it. Now I’m trying to keep up with my own mom by making my daughter the same kind of wonderful and memorable cakes.

~Kate W., Midland, TX

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