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Top > Holiday Traditions > Christmas Traditions > The Gift that Keeps Giving
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The Gift that Keeps Giving

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We all take turns opening gifts at our big family Christmas gathering. The whole extended family is usually in attendance (about 45 people). About 10 years ago, it was my Aunt Shirley's turn to open her exchange gift. The box was long and skinny. We were all curious what was inside. She ripped the paper off and discovered a "Super Mop" inside. What a surprise! She certainly didn't ask for a mop. We all looked at my cousin Steve with questions, "What's with the mop?" He said he got all caught up in a infomercial on TV that sold the mop and he thought it would make a great gift. (Apparently he bought one for himself too!) We all poked fun of him for giving such an odd gift and had many jokes at his expense. The next year at Christmas it was time for the gift exchange again, that year my Uncle Tom had a long skinny gift. We were all a little puzzled, but when he opened it, we saw it was the infamous "Super Mop". We all enjoyed another good laugh and the tradition began. Now every year, the "Super Mop" is given at our family Christmas celebration. We never tire of the jokes and love poking fun of cousin Steve for his strange gift choice.

~Barbara, Santa Clara, CA

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