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Top > Traditions Just for Kids > The May Basket
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The May Basket

One of my memories from childhood was May Day. A few days before my Mom and I would make baskets from paper then fill them with a few artificial flower blooms and candy. I was so excited, I would wake up especially early to make my anonymous deliveries. I generally made baskets for my closest friends as well as a couple of elderly ladies in the neighborhood. I would sneak up to their doorstep to leave the basket then quickly ring the doorbell and run away. Through the years I received several May Baskets of my own as well. It was such an exciting time for me. As I grew older, the May Day celebrations stopped… until this year. A neighbor girl and I made baskets together and started the fun celebration in our neighborhood. I look forward to the years to come. I already know that the May Day baskets will multiply next year as many of the recipients were so excited by their first celebration of May Day.

~Colleen C., Madison, WI

You and you child can make a May Basket from a variety of household items. Simply tie a ribbon and decorate the container of your choice. A few inexpensive container ideas are listed below:

  • Make a cone-shaped basket using construction paper or a paper plate
  • Use a Strawberry Basket
  • Cut the top off a small milk container
  • Clean a soup or vegetable can
  • Try a toilet paper roll with a pipe cleaner handle

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Tradition Comments

Lynn Hanson says:

We started the May basket tradition in our neighborhood five years ago. The number of participants has really grown and so has the creativity of the baskets. Kids and parents both participate, even the guys get into the mix. My husband used an empty six-pack container and filled it with goodies for our next door neighbor. I think our kids look forward to May 1st almost as much as they do Christmas because of the fun and secrecy of it all. They love leaving goodies for their friends then ringing the doorbell and running away before they're caught.

05/22/2008 09:14 PM
christina l says:

That sounds like a good tradition I will start doing that.

10/31/2009 09:50 AM
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