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Top > Traditions Just for Kids > The Mommy Tapes
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The Mommy Tapes

I travel overnight quite often for my job and it can be difficult for my son when I’m gone. My husband told me that it was particularly hard at night when he was getting him ready for bed. So I decided to make it a little easier by recording several bedtime stories on a small handheld tape recorder. Now when I’m gone my husband puts my son to bed then turns on the tape so I can read him his bedtime story. It seems this small addition helped to ease his troubles and now he really looks forward to hearing me read and talk to him through the tape recorder.

~Sara H., Naperville, IL

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Tradition Comments

Laurie Penney says:

I've been traveling way too much for work lately and my daughter has been having a difficult time, especially at bedtime. I'm so happy to find your tradition... I'm going to record myself reading some stories this weekend on our video camera and my husband can play them back to my daughter on our laptop computer. I'm sure she'll think it's a pretty cool idea.

05/20/2008 04:30 PM
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