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Top > More Special Occasions > The Neighborhood Welcoming Committee
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The Neighborhood Welcoming Committee

We have a pretty tight-knit neighborhood. Many of us have been in our homes for 10+ years and know each other very well. A few years ago, a new family moved next door to my house so I wanted to let them know what kind of a neighborhood they were moving into by giving them a proper welcome. A few of my neighbors and I got together to make it happen. Sara picked a beautiful bouquet from her garden. Kelly baked chocolate chip cookie. Michelle baked a loaf of bread. Sue pitched in a 6-pack of beer. I made a pan of lasagna and assembled the care package complete with greeting card and other pertinent neighborhood information like the names of local babysitters, our dog dog sitter, etc. I dropped off the care package sometime during the first week after their move. I rang the doorbell and presented them with the welcome gift. They were so surprised and delighted at the sight. Afterwards we each received a small gift (home-made jam) on our doorsteps thanking us for the wonderful gift and neighborly welcome. The welcome package was such a hit with our new neighbor that we decided to do it anytime someone new moved into the neighborhood. To date, I’ve baked 7 pans of neighbor lasagna.

~Roberta H., Evanston, IL

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