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Top > Birthday Traditions > The Number Counts
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The Number Counts

My sister started a new birthday tradition when I turned 25. Beginning that year, I received a gift that reflected the same number as my birthday. For example, when I turned 25, I received a gorgeous flower arrangement with 25 flowers in it. When I turned 26, I got 26 sheets of assorted scrapbook paper (fitting since I’m an avid scrapbooker). When I turned 30, I got a beautiful new set of flatware including 30 pieces (6 place settings of 5-pieces each). You get the idea. It’s so much fun for me to open my gift, and it keeps my sister on her toes coming up with new ways to celebrate my birthday each year.

~Ellen B., Wichita Falls, TX

My best friend and I do something similar to celebrate the number of our birthday that started when we were just young kids. Each year we are allowed to spend the dollar amount of the birthay we are celebrating. So when I turned 9, I received a present worth $9 (unfortunately, I can't remember what it was at the time.) Then when I turned 10, I received a $10 present and so on. We both have gotten so exact with our expenditures, that we'll often find a pair of socks, candy bar or even a few gumballs to get us to the exact birthday dollar expenditure. I love the challenge of coming up with a unique gift within the birthday budget and it's fun to see what small additions I can squeak in to add exact dollar amount.

~Sally R., Cedar Rapids, IA

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Tradition Comments

Tara Little says:

I always dread shopping for birthday gifts for my friends. I always feel like I give the same things year after year... a candle, slippers, perfume, etc. But this little twist makes things more interesting and fun. I'm going make this my tradition for giving gifts to my three best friends. Each one will get a birthday gift that costs exactly their age. They'll enjoy the unique spin and I'm now more excited than ever to go shopping.

05/27/2008 06:24 PM
susanb says:

Cool idea. I'm going to have to try this for my best friend's birthday.

06/30/2008 09:18 PM
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