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Top > Traditions Just for Kids > The Reading Den Tradition
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The Reading Den Tradition

My kids love books. They particularly love to have my husband or me read to them, but we had a difficult time getting both of them to take an interest in reading themselves. In order to encourage them to take quiet time away from the TV, I turned a small nook/closet in our house into the Reading Den. I bought a fun overhead light, a comfy double beanbag type chair and colorful beads to replace the door. In addition, I painted the "den" fun colors and put up a funky homemade sign that announces "The Reading Den". The area can barely fit two people, but with the fun theme, it's become the most popular place in our house. Our kids literally fight over who gets to spend time in the room reading. I can't believe what a success it's been. The kids spend time reading alone, together or with my husband or I squeezed in the tight space. I've really seen their interest and their ability to read increase since "The Reading Den" was completed two months ago.

~Stacy K., Victorville, CA

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