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Top > Traditions Just for Kids > The Reading Jar
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The Reading Jar

Encouraging your children can read can sometimes be challenging. You have to fight with video games, television and a generally full schedule. To make reading more fun I started a "reading jar" for each of my kids. It turns reading into a game, makes it easy to see the progress and rewards them for their reading. Here's how it works: I keep an extra-large jar filled with a mix of colored aquarium stones (you can do pebbles, dried beans or similar items). For each page they read they pick out one stone to add to their "reading jar". Of course, the more pages, the more stones they transfer. As the jar fills, they can easily see their progress. When the jar is filled, we celebrate with a reward such as a sundae at Dairy Queen, a small toy or a trip to the zoo, museum or location of their choice.

One of the fun parts about starting the "reading jar" is allowing your children to decorate it and make it their own. When I started the tradition, each of the kids was presented with a large clear jar (with a lid). Then I laid out a whole table full of craft supplies so they could decorate. I gave them ribbon, stickers, paint, markers, scissors and felt. They loved the art project and were excited to start reading.

~Victoria, Durango, CO

Tradition Comments

Kirsten Doering says:

Thanks for the idea. I've been looking for ideas to make reading more fun for my seven year-old. I'm going to see if he wants to decorate a jar this weekend.

08/19/2008 09:36 PM
Sherry says:

I love this idea. althoght my daughter likes to read, thids will encourage her to read more.

11/02/2009 05:02 PM
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