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Traditions Just for Kids

Traditions for Kids

Browse fun, unique and inspiring traditions
that are great for kids.

A Big Breakfast on the First Day of School
On the first day of school, I make a big fancy breakfast for the entire family. We have scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, waffles, fresh berries, whipped cream, orange juice and more. Rather than eating on our own...
The Reading Jar
Encouraging your children can read can sometimes be challenging. You have to fight with video games, television and a generally full schedule. To make reading more fun I started a "reading jar" for each...
Bathtime Fun with Herman
When I was a little girl I hated getting my hair washed because I worried about getting shampoo in my eyes. My Mom tried to get me to put my head "way back" so that no shampoo ran into my eyes, but...
The "Yes" Jar
About a year ago I read an article about creating tradition in your family. The article gave a few ideas for traditions that you could celebrate with your children. One of the traditions that I instantly...
Painting Birdhouses for Spring
My tradition started about two years ago. My children get to paint bird house on the first day of spring. My children have the best time picking out the paint and then giving them away. You can see my children...
The May Basket
One of my memories from childhood was May Day. A few days before my Mom and I would make baskets from paper then fill them with a few artificial flower blooms and candy. I was so excited, I would wake up...
Postcards from Dad
When my husband goes away for a business trip he always take the time to send postcards back to our two children. While they don’t like to see their Dad leave, they always look forward to his postcards. Not...
Tracking Dad's Travels
When I was a young boy my father spent much of his career traveling internationally. He would fly to South America one week and Hong Kong the next. To help us understand more about his travels we bought a...
Letters from Mom
My daughter loves getting the mail and delivering it to me when she comes home from school. One day she asked me why she never receives any mail. So I got an idea to send her a letter or card once or twice...
The Mommy Tapes
I travel overnight quite often for my job and it can be difficult for my son when I’m gone. My husband told me that it was particularly hard at night when he was getting him ready for bed. So I decided to make it a little easier by recording several bedti
Candlelight and Color Baths
Every so often our two-year old and four-year old tire of taking their bath. To perk their interest and liven the nightly routine, every so often they bathe by candlelight. We drop colored bath tablets in the...
A Party Queen's Guide to After-School Snacks
When I was in the fourth grade, my mother went back to work and my grandmother, Nannie, took on the after-school duties. Growing up, I was lucky to have two amazing grandmothers living close by. One taught...
Learn Your World
Like many kids, my children spend a lot of hours in front of the television. I make an effort to monitor both the amount of time they spend watching as well as the shows they are allowed to watch. A few...
Timeout for Positive Things
When my kids get out of hand fighting with one another I call a "timeout". Unlike traditional timeouts, that means I get out a pad of paper and pencil for each kid and they are expected to write ten...
Thanks from the Old World
My husband's family is from Germany. He came over to the United States for college and has lived here ever since. We wanted to encourage our kids to communicate with their family members in...
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