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Top > Traditions Among Friends > Why Shop When You Can Swap Party
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Why Shop When You Can Swap Party

I found this awesome party idea at Girlfriend Celebrations and I think it would make not only a great get-together, but it would also be an awesome annual tradition too. Here's how it works: Invite a bunch of your good friends over and let them know to bring as many handbags, pieces of costume jewelry, belts, and scarves as they would like to swap. They should bring only items that are clean, in good condition and not hopelessly outdated. (Vintage is ok, however!) As the host, you supply tables for displaying the items, a mirror for trying them on and some easy appetizers, desserts and drinks. The concept is simple. Everyone brings accessories that they no longer wear and then they get some cool new accessories in return. What could be better? There are some cool twists you can put on the event, see the list below or check out Girlfriend Celebrations for more ideas.

  • Decorate for the party with photos from your favorite fashion magazine.
  • Let participants shop at will or limit the number of items swapped to the number of items they brought.
  • Extend the swap to shoes too if participants have similar-sized feet.
  • As an alternative, try a housewares swap. I know I like to change my decor every once in awhile and I have frames, artwork, knick-knacks , pillows and similar items that are still in-style, but no longer fit in my home.

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