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Top > Holiday Traditions > Halloween Traditions > You've Been Boo'd
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You've Been Boo'd

About four years ago my next door neighbor started a new Halloween tradition in our neighborhood. She found a cute little poem entitled "You’ve Been Boo’d" and copied it on a piece of paper. She also made a sign out of paper with a drawing of a ghost on it and the word "BOO" in large letters. Then on October 1st she selected two unsuspecting neighbors (I was one of them.) to "Boo". She dropped off a cute little goodie bag, the "Boo" Poem and the "BOO" ghost sheet and left them on our front steps when we weren’t home. The instructions on the poem instruct the recipients of the "Boo" to pass it along. It’s kind of like a May Basket, but it encourages "Booing" during the entire month of October. It’s so much fun for everyone and it keeps everyone guessing about who "boo’d" them because it’s anonymous.(Note: One friend of mine also started playing this game at her office.)

~Arlene S., Wausau, WI

We've designed an easy-to-use Boo Kit for you to use. Get free printable boo poems and boo signs. Click here.

How to "Boo":

1) Copy the poem (see below) and instructions below it onto a sheet of paper.
2) Print off a sign with a ghost (find a drawing online) and write the word "BOO" on it.
3) Gather treats in a basket or bag.

Drop off the items from the supply list on the front porch of a neighbor. Be careful not to let them see you. The game is more fun when it’s a surprise.

Here's the poem:

"You've Been Boo'd"
The air is cool the season fall
Soon Halloween will come to all
The spooks are after things to do
In fact, a spook brought this to you
"BOO" is a shield from the witching hour
Just hang it up and watch its power
On your front door is where it works
It wards off spooks and scary jerks
The treats that came with crypted note
Are yours to keep, enjoy them both
The power comes when friends like you
Will copy this and make it two
Then others here among our friends
Will give warm fuzzies that do not end
We'll all have smiles upon our face
No one will know who "BOO'ed" whose place
Just two short days to work your spell
Or a big zap will strike your tail
And don't forget a nifty treat,
Like something cute or something sweet
Please join the fun, let's really hear it
And spread some "BOO's" and Halloween spirit.

Please keep it going by following these directions:
1. Enjoy your treat.
2. Place the BOO sign on your front door or visible in a window.
3. Within 2 days, make 2 copies of this note, make 2 treats & 2 BOO signs.
4. Secretly deliver to 2 neighbors/friends without a BOO sign.
5. Keep an eye on nearby front doors to see how far and fast it spreads by Halloween.

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Tradition Comments

Patty says:

This is a great idea! We've been doing this in our department at my office for the last couple of years. We usually start about a week before Halloween. It helps keeps things fun and can generate positive morale.

09/30/2008 10:19 PM
Anonymous says:


11/03/2008 03:34 PM
alexe29 says:

Very nice site!

11/10/2009 08:46 AM
Beverly says:

Does anyone have a poem like this for spring? We have do these in the fall and they are wonderful, but I think we need a spring pick me up. :) Thanks!

04/04/2011 01:56 PM
skylar smity says:

where are the boo poems?

10/06/2011 04:00 PM
Josie Marroquin says:

this is awsome my friend Boo my mother. and she got so scared that she Boo my teacher. and my teacher Boo me .and i Boo my brother and my sister and my grandma and grandpa. plus my god father and all of my best friends. make sure you read this so you follow these instrucksions. all these comments are great read them and Boo someone these Boo comments are funny. and scary and anbaresean come on Boo someone. thanks for reading and be Boo.

10/18/2011 08:01 PM
BeckyET says:

simply dropping by to say hey

02/25/2013 04:30 AM
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